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- Akira & Yukari were originally intended to draw interest from _grown-up/adult_ audiences, though they aren't surprised by their popularity among little girls too, as they were very much intended as those big sister (oneesama) characters. 
>Personality layering
- They set out to make clear (almost simple) characters at first to establish the symbolic nature of their personalities, but they wanted to make sure there was more know, by starting at their core traits and gradually taking steps in different directions.

= While the rest of the staff saw Yukari as just a "talented oneesan"-type, Tsubota insisted she has an insecure side too, that she would lie to protect it, and when everyone kept that in mind while bringing her to life, it was a big part of what made her interesting.
= Akira's foundational tendency to just protect whoever she can will be challenged in a future episode as well.

Mid-season cures:
- They opted for a yousei because it makes for a variety of origins, and to have someone whose values aligned with the core team and would get along with them well from the start. So a fairy seemed like the sensible choice. 
- They decided against Pekorin because her charm point was being "huggably cute", a different cute than they wanted from a cure.
>Ciel's visual design
- It's rooted in a western parfait "let's pile on all sorts of stuff"-idea, and her rainbow motif came in part from piling on the colours. Similarly, her dress was meant to evoke a tall glass with all the other elements piled on top. The wings aren't just for an aesthetic reason; she can fly.
- They settled on having her "pegasus-like" personality to be as someone who always aims for the heavens in flying off in pursuit of her dream.
- Sweet Etude 6 will be out on August 2nd, with her character song "Rainbow Espoir".


- Pikalio has an upcoming scene where he talks about how feelings don't always sparkle, and how negative emotions can crystallize into kirakiraru as well. Much like Noir did with Giulio, humans' anger and hatred can be collected for that purpose, setting the scene for a much bigger conflict of light vs dark. 
- As this escalates, the cures will grow and get their power-ups, but they won't be "just feel harder!" approach, since it's rooted in harnessing own personal emotions. They should reflect their individual qualities and weaknesses, what they've learned about themselves through their relationships, and have grown to love about themselves.
- The scale of this battle will grow, but they want to make sure the show still remains upbeat and positive and fun.
>Final words
- There will be more on the deeper meaning of "X and Y! Let's la maze-maze!"
- There will be more on cures' individual stories as they're confronted with their own selves and have to decide their own paths, but lots of relationships stuff too.
- There's one more big surprise coming this season.

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