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Kirakira Pretty Cure à la Mode - episode 22
My Own Review

PREVIOUSLY ON Kirakira Pretty Cure à la Mode:

Right then, a stride among the flowers that makes them wilt, a stripling with eyes glowing ruby red, a sharper, blood-red dagger in his right hand...

GIULIO: You are all here. How convenient for me...

As he closes in, those glowing red orbs are revealed to be Empty Eyes, a tell-tale sign of mind control/brainwashing/emotional manipulation.


Standing before Kirarin, he immediately makes her sixth sense tingle...

KIRARIN (in shock): This sensation... Could it be...?!

GIULIO: Everyone... I will defeat you all. Precures...


Of course our Precures attack one by one, the secondary-schoolers first ... but I, as always, have decided to showcase the 'Zuka-inspired ones:



However, as usual in arc finales, these attacks are a no sell to the enemy.

The middle part of this trilogy of the summer finale is still riveting, with both the action scenes and the revealing backstory flashbacks, and I am hanging on the edge of my seat as I eagerly await its conclusion in next week.
The relationship between Ciel/Kirarin and Pikalio/Giulio was so reminiscent of Gerda and Kai --only that here the two youngsters sharing practically everything, the male half of whom is corrupted, are siblings by blood rather than by friendship--, and the parallel mirrored (never better said) in the leitmotifs of their reflections in one another's eyes, is brilliant. The way they took and adapted this fairytale motif as the basis of their character arcs could never have been bettered.
Seriously, all this start of darkness (Giulio's) for taking some criticism too seriously? Well, then it is equally Ciel's and Giulio's fault: hers for being too proud and too much of a perfectionist; and his due to his sensitivity, defeatism, and inferiority complex... and Master Noir took advantage of that divide between the siblings. Think the Baratheon brother feud without its tragic closure, with Stannis and Renly realising that they were both too stubborn and that the other one could actually be right. Or the sibling rivalry in Frozen, in a certain sense. All that Pikalio/Giulio ever wanted was his overachieving older sister's approval. I love how this redemption and reconciliation were played out... but the story suddenly takes another cliffhanger U turn with Noir locking Ciel/Kirarin as his next target, and Pikalio as the one to save her. Kind of like the Kanata/Towa dynamics in Go!Princess; in both cases, the younger sibling was preyed upon by the dark side, and, after their heel-face turn, the enemy goes for the elder sibling, whom the younger has to save...
As for the new Finishing Move and the goddess in the opening credits appearing right out of the blue, I didn't expect that Spanish Inquisition, thinking of this Finishing Move change more as something for the third part of the finale. The shrine to the goddess/queen in the cave in Mt. Ichigo was kind of maybe the reason for a yousei community to exist there, and I think it will play a key part in next episode.


Now, having lost Pikalio, Master Noir turns to his twin;
he's set his sights on Ciel's heart, and it appears he will win!

Those Empty Eyes show that now it's her brother's turn to save her,
while she will face her greatest trial, and Noir will regret to brave her!!

BILBERRY: And what about me?! Don't I get a say, or at least five minutes of screentime!?

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