lunes, 24 de julio de 2017


You’d think the younger daughter was lucky--
speaking in diamonds, jewels, and gold when she talked--
but she had to be watched by the royal guard
everywhere she sat or walked
because thieves wanted the treasures
that fell from her mouth when she conversed
so tried to kidnap her, and hold her hostage
for ransom or worse.
Her husband, the prince, worried constantly about her
and developed heart palpitations and an anxiety disorder.

Meanwhile, the older daughter
(driven into the forest alone, because she talked so ugly)
met a nice herpetologist who found
the many species slithering from her mouth fascinating to study.
He also appreciated her honesty
and how her speech was never glitzy.
So, unlike her little sister, the older daughter never had to worry
about someone not liking her for herself
and led a simpler, safer life
free from overscrutiny.

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