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This summer up north, I found the Nicky Raven retelling of TSQ-IV (in Gothenburg, at the main public library) and Osada-sensei's Othello (in a Norwegian village library), of which I took a few photos to say the least (kyun kyun kyun)!!! Oh, I'm getting tachycardia alrady by typing this!!!

Some six-star... no, six stars are not enough... The-Snow-Queen-Story-The-Fourth catnip. An excellent retelling and now my personal favourite among rewritings of this subplot.
The Nicky Raven edition of TSQ-IV (wonderful character studies of the prince and princess <3 <3 <3 ) goes with Yerko illustrations. I've got the nursery-like bedchamber and only need to add the chapter heading decorated with two little golden crowns. SQUEEEEEEE!!!

Then, I'll review the Osada manga and publish pagecaps act by act. I <3 <3 <3 the portrayal of all the characters, but his rendition of Cassio (my fan nickname is "Kawaiissio") surely takes the cake... I ship him with Osada's sinister, feminine Iago ("Ikeago") for a good reason.

So I will post both of these redoubtable rarities that have made me (even more now when I'm ovulating) fluster and feel my heart go pitterpatter. And I am as sure as my name is Sandra that the Nicky Raven retelling will add even more complexity to Story the Fourth: Retold and Uncut, as Osada-sensei's manga will to The Travesty of Othello: "Foorth" Centennial Edition.
After all, both of these plays are my own personal love songs to the characters that star in them. So is Gustavus Adolphus, or The Lion of the Midnight Sun: the play that closes the trilogy of Dermarkian tributes. You cannot imagine how much research goes into these writings, and, for every new version discovered, the story grows more and more complex. (Mind: This saga stretches from an Othello parody written in my early teens to the princess subplot of The Snow Queen retold in the manner of Shakespeare!).

So stay tuned to this blog for:

(Retold by Nicky Raven)

as well as

"Oh, my fair warrior!"

(Osada's Othello, act by act)

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