lunes, 15 de agosto de 2016


This week I will be spending in Gothenburg, so I will surely get my hands on Nicky Raven's Snow Queen even if it, like Osada-sensei's Othello last month, will be a temporary one-week loan. Mmmm. (Licking her lips).

And I will also be typing short snippets/vignettes of things that happen in the Baratheon Saga 'verse. Like snippets of the characters' everyday lives. Mostly Renloras, but also some Jaimienne, Renlienne, and Lobster Flambé, not to mention the other characters. Different styles: poetry translations ("Le Livre de l'Échanson": snippets of Das Schenkenbuch into French), philosophical musings, a letter from Allenswood to Potsdam (perfect for framing in the Maggy prophecy, done as a tarot reading at a May Day fair) and the reply to said letter...
So this is the main news.

Plus, a few newborn bunnies of mine!!!

Project #LETS:
Luna Lovegood, Enid Nightshade, Threnody Vey, and Sansa Stark as friends against their will, slowly and gradually becoming fire-forged. Covers a lot of 'verses and features other Westeros, Worst Witch, Monster Blood Tattoo, and Potterverse characters, not to mention the Ondalinians and some others from the Waterfire Saga, the cast of Spirit Animals (Shane and the four Evil Counterparts most prominently), and Sisi (Sirharasi of Gang) and Ortiz from The Wind on Fire as the king and queen on campus.

Project #QueerOthelloPSSMWhatshallicallit
Part of the #1460 plan, with PSSM/Sailor Moon characters. Starring Kunzite as Othello and Zoisite as Desdemona, plus Ami Mizuno as Cassio and Taiki Kou as Bianca. Zoisite's ponytail ribbon stands in for the handkerchief. Author favourites Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh will fill in the slots of Iago and Emilia (respectively), Ryou Urawa will be a pretty convincing Roderigo, and the other two members of ThreeLights will stand in for the visiting diplomats (related to Desdemona) in Act 4.
Got this bunny while watching Sailor Moon Crystal during Pride week in Reykjavik, for your information. And being myself a hardcore KunZoi shipper who thinks Zoisite with Ami (and Kunzite with Minako) is not fricking right at all.
Also, there will be a little gratuitous French (mainly from both Ami and Zoisite), and at least "Non, je ne regrette rien"...

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