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Jaime I University, 1st of April 2016

This month of this year, to celebrate the 400th deathday of William Shakespeare, the Translation Department of Jaime I University has announced the University Press's special release of the Bard's four great Stuart-era tragedies, Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, and King Lear, done in a four-pack golden edition, bilingual with the original English version on the even-numbered left pages and a translation into Spanish or Catalan on the odd right pages.
Both the Spanish and Catalan translations of all four plays have been penned single-handedly by university prodigy Sandra Elena Dermark Bufí, who has spent most of her time, both day and night, of this year's Easter break in such a Herculean task.
Says Pilar Ezpeleta, Literary Translation Professor and resident Shakespeare expert, known for her Spanish translations of more obscure Shakespearean dramas (such as Coriolanus, Measure for Measure, and The Comedy of Errors): "Dermark is truly a diamond in the rough. Not only has she got the knowledge and the linguistic and musical intelligence needed to translate Shakespearean tragedy, but also the zest and the passion that it takes. She has made this whole university proud by taking up such a challenge."
The 24-year-old half-Swedish student, still irritable due to the effects of sleep deprivation, is looking forward to see her translations, the most challenging task she has gone through in her short life, on print on the shelves of bookshops across the Valencia Region, which will be scheduled for the golden date of the 23rd day of this month.

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