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Mahou Tsukai Precure - Episode 8

My Own Review


The task of the class for today will be... taking a selfie with at least one pegasus!

ISAAC: Cure Up! Rapapa!

In the Magicverse, snapshots are drawn on special paper with a so called Photoquill.

KAY: We will have to fly on our brooms to close in on the pegasi.
Emily hesitates. June seems, for once, downcast.

JUNE: Emily, aren't you afraid of heights?
EMILY (shivering): That's why I can't use my broom...

Finally, they have taken their selfies.

Kay told her classmates a lurid story about a giant carnivorous plant that lured its prey in by using pheromones...

Kay seems to be very excited by taking about the Forest Horror, the carnivorous plant in question.

Even sadistic, as Kay's attitude shifts from sinister to elated!!
In response, Emily winces. June raises an eyebrow, savvy and ironic.

For a moment, Kay looked very sinister and I was thinking if Toei will dare to try the sleeper agent scenario since Kay is always seen to be a klutz. What if something triggered Kay and she became the most dangerous person? (It is always the quiet ones that you have to beware!)

Fraidy Emy being her usual self...

When Spidra attacked her mum, the poor filly was left on her own. Luckily, the Cures were there to help her...

The destination was this huge plant with pink flowers on a green "island" in the middle of a rose-coloured "lake" of pink flowers. And, right in the heart of the main flower, sits the Linkle Tourmaline.

Five Linkles confirmed so far: Dia, Aqua, Ruby, Sapphire, and Tourmaline.
Seven more to go!

Powers of the Linkle Tourmaline:

1) Draw pancakes in the Smartbook, and you get...

...a pair of delicious, thick, fluffy pancakes with cherry syrup! Mmmm!!! :9

2) Power of Exorcism:

The Linkle Tourmaline can separate desiral corruption from its hosts 
(maybe human and other sapient hosts, not only non-sapient animal ones?).


The desiral du jour was made from the mother pegasus. So far, making them out of objects or plants is fine... but a mother pegasus, with a filly to care for??? Ewww. That's devious. As devious as when the Dysdarks made family members and close friends of the Princess Cures' into desporgs...
Also, Pegasus Mum is as hardy as Yui Nanase and resists the corruption...

All's well that ends well...

In the end, everyone got their pegasus selfies and passed yet another test.

Kay suddenly goes sinister, then sadistic, as she tells of a carnivorous plant.
Yet another Linkle confirmed: Tourmaline, with the powers of Pancakes and Exorcism. Seven more to go!
The first non-sapient animal host (will human and other sapient hosts appear soon?).
And it was a mother. Cue the feels. Take some Xanax.
Yet Pegasus Mum was as hardy as Yui Nanase, valiantly resisting the enemy corruption...

It's finally time for the class's final test.
And super-hot-and-cool Liz will be their examinator!!!

Tension is mounting...

The Headmaster and Deputy Head also return, drinking tea with Isaac from soaring cups!

What will the outcome be at the end of the day?

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