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We already know that the Art Professor at the University, only known for his profession/office and his equation of the not beautiful with the not useful, is a secondary character, nay, a bit character created by Oscar Wilde for satirizing the ivory tower intelligentsia's/academia's aesthetic views, as well as a fantasy counterpart inspired by Wilde's mentor Walter Pater.
So where does the Bard of Avon fit in?
 gli sterili commenti [···] del professore d’arte [···], che già Wilde aveva modellato sui dialoghi clowneschi dei cortigiani di Shakespeare.18  
(Here, Annotation 18 is inserted)

I read this excerpt by Luca Federico and went... well, short of words. 
Federico explains below, in Annotation 18: 
18 Pensiamo, per esempio, alle battute di Osric nella seconda scena del quinto atto di Hamlet. 

What is interesting is Osric's pompous and artificial mannerisms, which the Bard satirizes in a similar way. The adjective "flowery" is used in study guides left and right to describe Osric's style of conversation.
Just have a look here in this link: http://nfs.sparknotes.com/hamlet/page_312.html

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