martes, 10 de enero de 2017


So I kickstart the year's creative achievements with a baaaadaaass Yorktown/Lützen filk. Reasons why? Read the start of Lützen (The World Turned Upside Down) to find out there's more than one reason.
And this year, 2017... the fourth anniversary of this blog, I will surely write this We Didn't Start the Fire filk about all that has happened on this blog... though I doubt it can get more badass than Lützen (TWTUD).
It will be uploaded on Valentine as usual... this blog is an Aquarius like me; it's not rarely children share their parents' star signs...
Still it feels like a distant past...
And I am not throwing away my... shot!
I am not throwing away my... shot!
The world turned upside-down...
Sorry. The song on my brain just took over me.

Anyway, I'm going to publish a little from fan-made RPGs. Beginning with the Court of Mirrors in Princess: the Hopeful. Like Yorktown (The World Turned Upside-Down), it's one of those catnips I've had the freshest (though my Lightbearer's career actually began on Gustavus Adolphus Day the past year --there's the Lützen connection!-- after a glass shard from a suddenly exploding glass bowl struck me in between the pinky and ring finger on the left hand. As you should know, yours truly is a leftie. Which meant... OWWW. It hurt a lot, and I was forced to dictate, since writing right-handed is not something I get right... I got into fanmade New World of Darkness universe by then, having made personae of a Phlegethontian/Harlot who can shift gender at will, a Lightbringer/Princess of Mirrors, and a Staunen Scholastic with a fondness for throwing in puns left and right).
So expect upcoming posts to be a novice Lightbearer's guide. XOXO.

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