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What if... Sansa Stark lived Threnody Vey's life and vice versa?
How would it unfurl for a badass wit to live at the Red Keep, and for a fragile court lady to adapt to military life, overnight?

This bunny is a crossover with cross-transplantation, confusion left and right, 
a rebellious only child and a demure older sister switched and catapulted into one another's worlds in a mysterious storm (actually, a tesseract), Lannisters, Tyrells, lamplighters of the Haacobin empire, cothouses, calendars, cathar's treacle, the Right, a dashing Dornishman and an enlightened surgeon who both become interested in this  "Sansa..." (yes, both Oberyn and Qyburn are naturally curious about Threnody), firearms, fodicars, and seltzer lamps (things about this brave new world that Sansa is curious about)...
From Winstermill to Herbroulesse, from King's Landing to Winterfell, these are the stories of a wit in Westeros and of a Westerosi princess on the Half-Continent.
 The question is: will they stay in their new homeworlds or return to their old at the end of the day?

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