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Since the School Play episode (ep 37) of Go!Princess Precure focused on the Flower Class rendition of Romeo and Juliet, I have made spin-offs detailing the making off the plays staged by the Ocean and Star Classes. The Star Class one is "Towarella," in which the spare princess of the Hope Kingdom stars as the quintessential orphan scullery maid, with Kirara Amanogawa herself for an unlikely fairy godmother. The premise of that play was great, so I decided to expand upon it, adding Kirara's two muggle friends (Those Two Gals/Hitomi "Hitomin" and Yoko "Youtan") and a dramatic, hammy, attention-hogging Ranko Ichijo to the mix, as well as a Shut who, like Close as Kurosu later on, has decided to spy on the Cures by entering Noble Academy as a foreign exchange student. Oh, and elements of Hamilton, particularly the musical numbers (and a real-life parallel with Kirara as the Burr to Ranko's Alex). The result is astounding.
Pairings: Shutowa (my OTP!), Kiraranko (foe yay).
Inspirations: Disney-style Cinderella with elements of the 2015 live action film (the stepfamily's attire, the goose coachman and lizard footmen, the spirited heroine who can speak French, an evil chancellor in cahoots with Madame Tremaine, and her mourning her first husband, Kirara's FGM role being rather eccentric)... and of Ever After (spirited badass heroine, many character names, a funny not-so-wicked stepsister as comic relief, the royal ball being a masked ball), as well as a thwarted poisoning plot, crowned with well-deserved karmic deaths, at the end. The setting is eighteenth-century Central European, reminiscent of both France and Prussia. ('Cuz Ever After is so French and the Disney version is so Prussian when it comes to setting...)

The cast:

Towa Akagi (née Hope Daylight) as Daniella/Cinderella (in scarlet)
Kirara Amanogawa as the Fairy Godmother
Ranko Ichijo as Baroness Rodmilla Tremaine (the Wicked Stepmother)
Charles de la Rose Noire (Shut) as Prince Henry Charming
Hitomi as Drusilla Tremaine (the Wicked Stepsister, in orange)
Yoko as Jacqueline Tremaine (the Not-So-Wicked Stepsister, in blue)
Naoto Koshiba as Chancellor Regent de Montmorency (the evil chancellor who wants to dethrone his ward)
Shun Imagawa as Captain Laurent (fencing master, commander of the royal guards)
 (needs a name) as Goose/Coachman/Court Prelate (like the one in The Princess Bride)
 (needs a name) as Lizard/Footman I/Cupbearer
 (needs a name) as Lizard/Footman II
Directed by: That kid with the afro, who wanted to be a director (needs a name)

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