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This is my Noble Academy Christmas Carol bunny, which I have had for a while...



Kirara Amanogawa (in the role of Ebenezer Scrooge)
Towa Akagi, née Hope Daylight (in the roles of Robert Cratchit and Jacob Marley)
Shut as the Ghost of Christmas Past
Stella Amanogawa and Ken Takamagahara (as themselves)
Wataru Kaido (in the role of Isabelle)
Lock as the Ghost of Christmas Present
Asuka Kitakaze (in the role of Isabelle's husband)
Tsukasa, Masumi, and Minami Kaido
Karin "Rinrin" Akeboshi (in the role of Tiny Timmy Cratchit)
Ranko Ichijo
Kyoko Tachi (Kirara's manager)
Hitomi "Hitomin" and Yoko "Youtan"
White-Haired Close as the Ghost of Christmas Future

SETTING: Canon GPPC setting

PREMISE: When a stressed Kirara shuts her friends and family out as she prepares thoroughly for a great Christmas runway, she receives three visits from ghosts that cause her to revaluate her holiday priorities:
1) Christmas Past: child Kirara as a lonely celebrity brat, her father's disappearance (parents' divorce), how much Kirara worshipped her mum, and her short-lived romance with her senpai Wataru as an NA freshwoman...
2) Christmas Present: how the basketball team, the Hope/Akagi siblings, the production staff at the agency, and the Kaidos (including Wataru and his new fiancée Asuka) celebrate Christmas...
3) Christmas Future: 30-sth Kirara a drug addict in a coma on life support, her former friends living parallel lives and more concerned with their own lives, her parents living in retired obscurity, Rinrin having become as cold and arrogant as Kirara in the present and also on the path to drug addiction, as Ranko's star rises (and she tempted Rinrin to take drugs)...
In the end, she awakens completely changed and ready to embrace the spirit of the winter holidays on Christmas Eve morning... <3 <3 <3

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