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Hugtto! Pretty Cure
My Own Review - Episode 6



Saaya is a great fan of power tools... who could have imagined that?

Nono Nono Nono Nono Nono Nono Nono Nono... HUGMAN!!
(PD. It's Mr. Nono, Hana's dad, and the brand is called Hugman. 
The 60s Batman opening reference came all by itself)

The girls saw a florist named Mari Sakita was coping with her flower shop alone since her assistants had reported sick and decided to help up. Mari also told the girls to handle the flowers with care since the flowers are living things and, with care and love, they will bring a smile to customers. 
Mari should have help from some part-timers, but they are all home sick. Upon seeing this, the Cures decide that they should help out.

The florist's name is Mari Sakita. 
(PS. Mr. Nono is married with two children at least... I hope he's just tending to a customer)

Homare doesn’t think the clothes they are currently wearing are suitable.
Fortunately, the Future Pad has a solution for that.

I would prefer Homare in trouser overalls.

Charalit discovers that his desk has been returned to storage. Since he messed up his one last chance, it seems he no longer has a job (what should he do, once laid off, if not become a drug dealer?). That means encountering a new foe soon enough.
Charalit called buxom Papple here "boss", the chains of command fettering him as the Baroness de Thénard rises as a new cadre... 
Apparently she can just call a taxi to take her straight to the Cures. Like I do now in Valencia after a night on the town (and, given that Fallas are coming)...
Apparently, it's not an ordinary cab, but a Cryasse-themed one.
The Pappmobile!
(PS. I would like it to race the Glaivemobile...)
Papple arrived to mock Charalit after he was removed from his position and she went off to find the White Future Crystal. 

Unfortunately, the wet floor causes a customer to complain.
Due to the wet floor incident, a customer commented to be dirty.
This adds even more stress to Mari and already foretells her fate...

Chided by the Cures, Harry leaves Hug-tan on her own as he cares for the plants.
Which of course is not bereft of consequences...

In the meantime, Harry worries about a lost Hug-tan, who has just found a new friend:

Soon the Precures join in the hue-and-cry for a missing blond infant.

Fortunately, there is...
Nono Nono Nono Nono Nono Nono Nono Nono... HUGMAN!!
Hugman to the rescue: this bear of an ironmonger needs no masks or cloaks at all.
Nema problema, Hug-tan is safe and sound!

Papple's behaviour is typical of a Precure Female Fatale. But I can tell someone is probably doing a doujin (fanzine) of her right now since we had not have a hot female villain (AKA a Sexpot Baroness) after Mamo from DokiDoki.
Just have a look at her ensemble: badass longcoat, mini mini, fishnet stockings, and pumps.
Whilst there are a lot of happy people in the Hugman Home Centre, Mari Sakita isn’t exactly feeling positive. Rather, she was feeling down about an upset customerThis, along with the stress she's feeling, makes her a target for Papple... 

....and a plant-themed theender (the prime matter being a florist worried about her business, it comes as no surprise):
Audrey Junior reference, anyone ;) ?

The Cures quickly rush to the scene and transform.
Learning that there are three of them surprises Papple.
Papple also mentioned "More Precures" which indicate the trio are not the first Precures the Cryasse Corporation has faced before.

Papple is less than pleased that her opponents have no idea of who she is, so she gets the theender to attack them. All PreCures get caught by Audrey Junior, and just outright say that they will be digested if they don’t escape.

The theender is defeated after the three Cures use their special attacks, and Papple retreats – by taking a taxi.
After that, Mari is happier and Hana realises just how happy that the Hugman Home Centre makes everyone. Mrs. Nono also stops by and suggests that she writes about Hana’s work experience for a magazine.
We also end with Hana and her mother both remembering that they have seen Saaya before.

Saaya was the ‘Veggie Girl’
Apparently, the mascot of a series, or stage show, or franchise that encouraged children to eat more carrots and such.

MRS. NONO: That déjà-vu... wait... that's the Veggie Girl!


The shock of remembering her screen career has left Saaya speechless...

On the Cryasse front: So Papple is Charalit's boss... a big boss indeed, right? The Cryasse chain of command is not completely revealed, but we have a slight grasp at least:

  • Person behind the Person (?) -> 
  • Kurai (Overlord) -> 
  • Restore -> 
  • Daigan (Overweight Cadre) ->
  • Papple ->
  • Charalit ->
  • Lulu ->
  • Theenders

We see Papple creating a theender from Mari's negative energy-complete with a nightclub light show and a phone which resemble those car phones back in the 90s. (Maybe Papple is someone from the past?) I mean, she does behave like a character from the 90s and even call a taxi to take her to her destination and even asked for a receipt. (What, she want to claim her taxi fare?)
Which I kinda of understand why this season is about finding that perfect career. Papple mentioned she only care of getting the job done and didn't care what the consequences will be which is how in real life, some people treat their job as only a job and do not find the self-satisfaction of what they do.

Those who do find meaning in their job will hold their jobs with pride and it doesn't matter you are just a florist or a manager of a store. The most important is to be positive and you will find your jobs does matter to someone.

Papple was more fun than Charalit with her antics... even though there IS some caustic critique... TO QUOTE SAID CRITIQUE:
"Unlike Charaleet (SIC!) (who has shown to actually put in the effort of searching for the Crystal), Pupple (SIC!) came across as lazy and boring. Sure she acts as thought she is a Diva, but she is certainly not a convincing one."
Others may find Large Hams annoying. I DO NOT. Her attire, that light show, the way she displays emotions... the fact that she surely glitters instead of perspiring when it gets hot... To put another example from this franchise: During the run of Go!Princess, I got used to A LOT of backlash from Ranko haters. It's NOT like Ranko Ichijo or Papple is Jar Jar level annoying, IMOHO. In fact, I don't even consider these characters unnerving. Still, this is a free world...
Also, Papple's retro motif. Her mannerisms are full of references and antiquated lexicon that were in fashion back then, but not as much now. Given these times of reggaeton and such, the idea of an 80s-90s-themed villainess is always welcome... because of the nostalgia factor and because music, TV, fashion... were definitely better in those days, right?

The surprise factor of the episode however was setting up Saaya’s unexpected background. It turns out when she was younger, she was a part of a TV show and was known as “the Veggie Girl”. It looks like next week will be following up on that when Saaya considers whether or not she wants to audition for a programme. I wonder what her backstory to her dream is?
Actually, in the matter of fact, Saaya gave us another surprise, her keen interest in power tools! Seeing her gush about them was absolutely ADORABLE!!!! I loved seeing that, especially when Saaya appears as though she is a delicate flower. It is safe to say she is certainly breaking the mold when it comes it comes down to sweet appearances!
My only disappointment was the fact that Homare's uniform is a dress, when I expected trouser overalls... (sigh!)

PS. WHAT IS MOST RAD IS THAT Papple shares her voice actress with Stella Freaking Amanogawa. Only that, for even more irony, this is a dark, sexy no-nonsense character who is the polar opposite of Stella. Turning hot blonde superstar mum into the sexpot baroness of next season...


Next episode looks like it will be one that focuses on Saaya (in particular, on her childhood career in performance), and it also seems that we will be encountering Lulu for the first time. I look forward to that.
Next episode, we finally find out why Saaya is so secretive of her child actress past and how it has been haunting her till today. Oh yeah, Lulu also joined in the fight! 

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