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The Last Supper: MTPC style
From your left to your right: Mirai, Riko, Liz, Mayumi, Yuto, Souta, Daikichi

Mahou Tsukai Precure: ep 13

At last, the outing episode has arrived! And the one in this series features the comeback of the oneesama!

Hailing from a country-esque Magical Land, Riko is awestruck by everything hi-tech in the Muggleverse. Such as the GPS.

"Turn left within 300 m."

A lovely campsite with a tranquil lake and majestic cliffs on the other side.

OM7Gs!!! Liz the Wiz... she's back!!!

That sealed letter looks pretty official to me...
It's from the fricking Headmaster. A clue about the next Linkle's location.

Yuto and Souta are soon smitten by Lizzie's looks... <3 <3 <3

DAIKICHI (to Liz, courteously): Pleased to meet you. I am Daikichi Asahina, the chaperone of the young people on this outing.

In the meantime, Ha-chan enjoys herself.
The food in her bowl is carrot soup, summoned with the Linkle Amethyst.

Liz encourages Riko to cook without magic to fit in with her muggle friends.

Here are the veggies and the meat...

...and here's the rice!
Yes, these Japanese, and Asians in general, eat rice even with BBQ:ed food, 
something we Europeans might find strange.

Before giving Liz the rice, the Cures had to rinse it by hand. Without magic. Riko had to endure the cold water to rinse her rice...

KANA: I believe I saw a pair of mages right now!!
Oh yes, Kana and her obsession with mages...

"Disturb a nest of wasps for no good reason..."

Yes, the Cures hide from the wasps underwater, until their lungs are ready to burst...

In the meantime, the Cures' muggle friends are cooking up the rest of the feast.
MMMMM... :9 Can I have some?

Mirai offers Riko a four-leaf clover, but the darkhaired girl rejects it...

...and prefers to look for a shamrock on her own.
Suddenly... voilà, she's found one!!

The four-leaf clover grows bright green in Riko's right hand...

The light grows brighter and brighter...

...until the clover has become the Linkle Peridot.
Believe me, this is my favourite birthstone (though it is not my month's),
mostly thanks to a certain Aloof Ally character who loves calling others "clods."
(Seriously, like every other Aloof Ally I know, she is awesome, but I think she's even more than any of her Japanese counterparts).

LIZ (earnestly): Sis, you're destined to become a great mage.
RIKO: I am?
LIZ: Ever since your wand reacted to the Linkle Dia.

Once more, we got to see Riko's and Liz's parents... awww... <3 <3 <3 <3

So far: #8LinklesConfirmed #Four2Go

Souta and Yuto fell for Liz. <3 <3 <3 Daikichi is apparently more sensible than the kids, not being swayed by her female charms. Or he's faithful to his wife, or he prefers older women, or both (I leave it to you)
The Linkle Peridot, yeaaah!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
The letter from the headmaster, a clue for finding the Peridot... luved it.
As well as Liz encouraging her insecure imouto... Riko needs to step out of Lizzie's shadow completely.
And the end, with the sisters' parents appearing once more: awwww <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Next Episode, 14, will focus on Mirai's academic grades. Again, the typical This Loser Is You Protagonist syndrome (dating back to fricking Usagi herself) that makes you wish for an intelligent/book smart, if not academic athlete, leader of the heroine team.

As a change of pace, here is what I meant by Peridot. Here's every fricking time she says "clod" and other assorted insults.

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