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So Hope Daylight Towa is back on Earth to pay her friends a visit... hope she has time for a certain gardener at Noble Academy... a tall, slender blond with his hair in a pompadour and a Hufflepuff scarf...

She will also have some fighting to do as Cure Scarlet...

Mahou Tsukai Precure, Episode 6

My Own Review


Ha-chan sleeps as snug as a bug in her flower cradle within the Smartbook.

Here, she's given Sky Drink for breakfast...

And she really enjoys it!!!

At class, we're in for a surprise...

DEPUTY HEAD: Today, Professor Isaac is on leave because he suffers from lower back pain.

JUNE (elated): Which means... DAY OFF!! YAAAAAY!!!!
(My reaction would completely be the same as June's. Herr Schulte, at the university, is currently on leave to care for his baby, so we got every fricking Thursday [when the only lecture is his] in the month of March off!!)

DEPUTY HEAD (stern): Don't be that happy! In fact, I have invited a substitute teacher...

LIZ (kindly): Good morning, everyone. I am an intern, Liz. And I will be your substitute teacher today.
(Wow, sure... hot for substitute... <3 <3 <3 )

KAY, JUNE, EMILY (unison): Eh!? Will we have that exam!?

Kay rummages for her wand as usual...

LIZ: Today, we will test your prowess with the magic wand.
KAY (freaking out): Oh my gosh!! I forgot my wand!!


Liz then impresses everyone with her immense magical prowess.

Conjuring an Asian elephant and a ball that can support its weight out of liquid H2O, and then having both living sculptures combine in this balance trick... :O

LIZ: Now it's your turn to make water sculptures. Please hold them for ten seconds.

JUNE: Ten sec... No way! That's too long!!
KAY: It's difficult to hold for that long time!

At first, the task seems Herculean...

But practice makes perfect.
KAY: The rucksack where I won't forget to bring my things!
JUNE: These awesome Wellingtons! I've got the pair myself! 
EMILY: The bouquet Granny gave to me!

Everyone passed the test with flying colours.

Though Riko failed and then lashed at her sister... Inferiority complex, anyone?
RIKO: I don't care about my wand!! I can't cast the spell!!
LIZ: Don't be like that! Your wand is profitable!

Everyone looks on, concerned.

LIZ (worried): Riko... Always a perfectionist...

Indeed, Riko is a perfectionist...

...which results in pushing herself to the extreme.

LIZ: Don't push yourself too hard...
But her sister is too concentrated to listen.


RIKO: I have always looked up to Liz, since she is so skilful... I learned magic by her side since childhood.

I studied very hard to follow in her footsteps...


...but I have always been rather gauche.
(Bet she was... that explosion was completely unexpected.)

(Plus Riko's ashface at the end... XD)

It was Liz who gave me the Linkle Diamond. To cheer me up when she was studying far away from me...

So it's a legacy item, an ancestral heirloom...

Surely, Liz gave it to her little sis because she (Liz) wasn't destined to become a Precure...

Fortunately, at the end of the episode, Riko is clever enough to exploit a loophole... her sister did not specify whether liquid water.
So Riko takes the ice-powered Linkle Aqua and...
(Two sisters with a strained relationship... Ice powers... OK, dear reader, you knew Frozen references were coming)
"Let it go... let it go...
The cold never bothered me anyway."

Voilà! An ice (and a nice) Linkle Diamond locket!!

RIKO: I don't know if this locket will make you a Precure... but this is a gift from me.

LIZ (accepting the locket): Thank you.

In the end, both sisters have reconciled themselves to one another.


LIZ: When I was seven, Riko was but a few months old, and she had not opened her eyes yet. Then, I carried her to the wand-tree to receive her wand.

We both loved wearing green.

And I taught my little sister her very first spells.

When I was 13, I left home for wizarding school. It hurt me to leave Riko for most of the year...

...and, of course, she was in tears, begging me not to leave.

(So, we can see: Riko and Liz live and were born at an estate... pretty fancy... <3 <3
Their finely-dressed parents <3 are Magicverse VIPs, most likely aristocrats [but could also be socialites/grands bourgeois].
Liz takes after her mum, and Riko after her dad.)

One year later, at 14, I could even use A-level ice magic.

(Riko looks on in awe.)

I gave Riko the Linkle Diamond to cheer her up when she was alone at home, missing me.

And she was so excited!

Nowadays, at 21, I've got this internship... but Riko is too embarrassed to see me.

I know she has some kind of issues...


Everyone is unaware of Spidra watching from a treetop nearby...

A spyglass in her second left eye... 
(Yes, she is eight-eyed like real-life arachnids, but she mostly uses her second pair of eyes)

And she quickly targets Liz...

Now Liz does not become a desiral, but she does evacuate the schoolyard with a carpet and stand up to the desiral du jour on her own two feet.

Yet Spidra disses her as heavily as the victim of the week is usually dissed 
(even though there are no victims of the week in this series)...

...and, in the end, knocks her out.

Riko is shocked.
RIKO: Sis!

The tide of the battle was turned by Cure Magical using the Linkle Aqua's icy powers.
That's it! The Linkle Aqua!

Hello. My name is Riko. You knocked my sister out. Prepare to freeze.

Let it go... let it go... the cold never bothered me anyway!

When Liz comes to, she is able to see the Precures for a split second.
There she is, dazed and confused...

The Wand 101 class is about to resume.

This time, it's when Riko makes the Linkle Dia out of ice (scroll up to see my comments on the whole heartwarming scene!)

Isn't it a masterpiece of art?

Everyone congratulates Riko.

She has made her older sister proud, indeed.

And then, Liz remembers when she used to wear the Linkle Diamond, and when her sister, then but months old, received her magic wand...

Liz is hot as dragonfire. June's reactions: priceless again. Also: wellies! And Kay forgetting her wand seems to be a running gag for the series...
Also: we got to see the sisters' home and family... Toffs are always impressive, and these come off as a true fantasy counterpart to the Kaidos (if Wataru were female, that is)!!!
And child Liz and Riko in the flashbacks were s <3 ad <3 rable!!!


The world is June's oyster? Not precisely.
Isaac has recovered from his LBP.
And... how will they do to breathe underwater? 
This realm reminds me of those gorgeous, glorious Waterwhirls...

Here's the mer-teacher and the three mer-friends... Let's see: the teacher is Loretta... but which one of the younger mermaidens is Sissi, which is Nancy, and which is Dorothy?

Ha-chan also makes a new friend, a rather crabby one.

And the Precures conveniently get their Sapphire Style...

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  2. The two images are previews for the recent All-Stars movie, Minna de Utau Kiseki no Mahou, in which also marks the return of Cure Echo and this time, two new villains - Solciere and Trauuma - challenged our heroines in order to acquire their tears to cast dark magic, but wait there's more... Almost all the main villains from the TV show (sans Despariah and Red since they were purified in their respective seasons, but maybe Moebius and Dune could join the bandwagon) are back from their graves: Dark King, Goyan, the Eternal Boss, Noise (oh crap, P-chan got possessed back into his humanoid form?!), Pierrot and Proto-Selfish. Since I love Disney and so do you, it has some musicals in it (I downloaded a bunch of the 7 songs in mp3 form to my phone) so expected to see and hear the Cures, or at least Flora to Magical, singing to their lungs out. But just like the past PCAS movies, it'll take some time before we take a glimpse of the movie in July via the home video and the online sub releases.

    Hope that you've just seen the preview ft Kaoru, the policeman and Miyo Masuko singing at the opening part with the two Cure teams, Mofurun, Puff and Aroma. With that, I was thinking and wondering if Yui-Yui and Seiji would have a sing-along together alongside the other Pretty Cure supporting casts from all 12 past seasons during "The Witch's Lullaby" part. I certainly hope so because I'd go fangirl screams with that.