miércoles, 1 de enero de 2014


This sketch is actually made in the FRG (West Germany), and the actor playing James is actually sworn to temperance, but rather skilled at feigning intoxication.
Given the fact that he has to drink for the four absent guests... (all four New Year's guests are actually deceased, but the elderly Countess is unaware and her faithful servant keeps the fact a secret not to hurt her feelings!)

In Germany and Sweden, tradition has it that this hilarious sketch be shown on New Year's Eve on national TV. The running exchange between Miss Sophie and James ("Same procedure as last year?" "Same procedure as every year [James]") has become a winged word in both Swedish and German.
A Swedish comedy duo has even parodied the sketch with a gender flip, casting Peter Flack as the Count and Gunilla Âkesson as the Maid.

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