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This part of my Ever After High fanfic cycle will take place after the d'Azur incident.
A new teacher shows up at EAH, and he is particularly dashing and interested in Sophia, as Katla gathers her own circle of Rebel peers, starting with Odile, to create a support group for...? Highlight for massive spoilers!

New characters
  • Erika Schenkwirt: daughter of the local innkeeper (of Book End), destined false bride of the Drummer in a lesser-known Grimm story, and honorary member of FBA. A tomboy who looks like Éponine Thénardier.
  • Hulda Svans: troll princess and honorary member of FBA (trolls feature as false brides in Scandinavian tales such as East of the Sun and West of the Moon). She has a troll tail and pointy ears, being "as attractive as a pug", and wears a dirndl-like frock. Roomates with Erika.
  • Isabel del Rosario: daughter of the novice princess in The Little Mermaid (Andersen's original!). She wanted to attend Ever After High, even though tradition has it that she'd be raised in a convent. So she will attend EAH just for two years, to return to the cloister after her Legacy Year. She is raven-haired (short hair, pageboy style) and with blue-green eyes, and dresses sixteenth-century style, à la Madame Rubens, with a rosary for a necklace. Less innocent and more sensitive than Kyllikki, she will be hazed more than once due to her naiveté. She is fond of fine arts, but not so keen on non-sacred literature, considering Sophia and her friends heretics. Lizzie will make her a member of her posse, but will she realize and regret her prejudices? She will. Katla will try to make her a member of FBA more than thrice, but in vain. ROYAL.
  • Kyllikki Valkoinen: daughter of a Finnish noble in an Oscar Wilde tale. Roomates with Isabel. She is rather cool and wears white. Her hair is platinum blond, long and plaited in twin French braids, while her eyes are steel-blue. Rather pale, but blushes red when embarrassed. She dresses seventeenth-century style. Thinks her purpose, her destiny to marry and sire children, is not enough, and looks up to Sophia, as she develops something ostensibly unrequited for Scarlet, which, along with her cool demeanour and Late Bards affiliation, leads to Lizzie becoming her rival (like Sophia's)... (SPOILERS) She is actually a bastard from Wonderland and Bianca's stepsister. In the end, Kyllikki will be the one to become the Snow Queen and marry Gerhard, while her sister rules Wonderland in winter. REBEL.
  • Ludwig Liedl / Lutwidge Liddell (SPOILERS GALORE!): A new substitute teacher of Arts and Crafts, a dashing "sensitive guy" who happens to be Art Professor at some unspecified University (a rather minor one-line Oscar Wilde fairytale character). His catchphrase is, like that of his ancestor, "As it is no longer beautiful it is no longer useful". This is also his motto in all areas of his life. He is rather critical of Maddie, earning her enmity... while he praises Mireille's, Blondie's, and Sophia's artwork. To Rainer, he appears as a role model, and Ludwig takes to everyone at the Literary Club. Charles seems to know him and vice versa. Herr Liedl is tall, broad-shouldered, violet-eyed and auburn-haired, with a fine widow's peak, dressed formally, and has a rather fine moustache and goatee (à la Wallenstein). In general, he looks like Albrecht von Wallenstein, or like Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish. In reality, he is Charles's older brother Lutwidge, resentful because he couldn't be the next "Alice" being the eldest. He embraced both the destinies of "Lorina Liddell" and "the Art Professor at the University" to have more than his original destiny could hope for (hinting that, in-universe, the Art Professor at the University was a born Liddell). And he is back to have a payback and a talk with Charles, which will have unforeseen consequences...
  • Matilda "Tilly" Liddell: the youngest child of Elliot and Edith Liddell, Lutwidge's and Charles's little sister. Tilly, who attends Nursery Rhymes after a long tutorship, is a slightly spoiled child who likes to play princesses and idolizes them. She is amber-eyed and dark blond like her brother Charles, and she tends to throw tantrums when disappointed. But she's sooo cute!
  • Elliot Liddell and Edith Liddell, née Dodgson: Crownculus professor at Bosforo University, and landowners' daughter from near Book End turned concert pianist. Elliot (the former Alice) looks like a clean shaven, brown-eyed Lutwidge, two decades older. While Edith is golden-haired and violet-eyed, and rather slender. They showed favouritism towards their eldest and youngest child, respectively, leaving Charles in the care of tutors and to take care of himself.
FBA? The acronym stands for "False Brides Anonymous". Rebels who hate to admit that they'll be false brides. An honorary member is one who, like Katla, is destined to drug her beau.

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