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Huggto! Pretty Cure
Episode 14 - My Own Review

As the other girls were preparing to meet at the local Daycare Centre, Hana was sleeping like a log and her mother asked Lulu to "drag her out of bed."

 So Lulu literally dragged her out of bed-By overthrowing her out of her bed... with that Herculean strength... Somehow it worked!

When Mrs. Nono told her to drag Hana out of bed... I totally identified. Not only because of Lulu's prowess when it comes to literature, and her lack of social skills, but also 'cause we are both equally gullible and literal-minded! I know this book called Amelia Bedelia in which the masters leave the mansion and give a list of tasks to the titular maid. "Draw the curtains?" She doodles with permanent felt-tip all over all those curtains! "Dress the turkey?" She dithers for a while whether to put a sailor suit or a little gown on the whole raw fowl, not knowing whether it's a boy or a girl turkey. And so on. It's HILARIOUS.

After arriving at the daycare, the girls and Harry introduce themselves and get ready. Whilst Harry, Hana, Saaya, and Homare go off somewhere, Lulu is left to look after Hugtan for a few minutes. She also decides to flick through a book that Saaya was studying in preparation for working at the daycare.
Hugtan ends up interrupting her.

Lulu does not seem to be amused by Hugtan

#Dreadpan once more.

Whilst that happens, the other three girls have gone somewhere quiet in order to use the Future Pad to change into attire more suitable for working at a daycare.
The girls will be looking after the one-year-olds for their work experience. Turns out that each child has their own quirks that have to be considered when tending to their needs. Saaya and Homare seem to just about manage.
Not even wincing as you change those nappies, eh, Étoile?

Saaya refuses to be outdone by Lulu
Lulu is able to distract the children, and this seems to set something off in Saaya.

My heart is rushing... my head is reeling...

My face is flushing... what is this feeling? Does it have a name?
So it turns out that Saaya has a fiercely competitive side, and she has no intention of losing to Lulu. Somehow, looking after babies ended up turning into a competition, into a full-scale arms race...
Saaya with a loving smile
Saaya’s competitive side is something that we haven't experienced before... Either way, that fierce competitiveness seems like it is something that should be feared.

The hills are alive with the sound of Lulu...

Yep, pretty sure Lulu is my favourite character in Hugtto! PreCure – seeing her jump around with a baby was adorable
Harry shows up, and sees Lulu jumping around with a baby perched on her shoulders (in a stark contrast to her dreadpan fixed expression). He says he wants a turn, and Lulu complies.
That’s probably one of my favourite scenes from the episode – I won’t spoil it here.

Moving on, Saaya ends up tripping in her eagerness to outdo Lulu. Whilst that is sorted out, Homare says to Saaya she is surprised to discover she is competitive.

Saaya is embarrassed about her competitive side
Homare tells her that it is good to be competitive.

After that, it is naptime for the children – however, the girls struggle to get them to go to sleep. A lullaby from one of the experienced daycare workers soon sees the kids drifting off.
Naturally, naptime would be a really bad time for a theender to show up. Lo and behold, that is exactly what happens.
The source of the frustration were two stressed-out workers at the daycare and the fashionista Rita Yoshimi (the blonde at the threshold), the latter angry that the crying babies made her forget an idea for a design.
(However, we got one theender out of three people once more... and have I mentioned how much I love double or multiple monster of the week summons?)

Honestly, I prefer her in school uniform and in this battle costume. 
Something something laced-up corsets... something something dark colours... something Dark Magical Girls...

Lulu is the one who brings forth the theender. Of course, the others transform into PreCures, but having a monster appear right outside the daycare proves to be upsetting for the kids.

Cure Yell ends up tending to one of them, leaving Ange and Étoile to confront the theender.
Lulu watches PreCures fight, but when the babies are threatened, she steps up.

Lulu protects the children


And thus, our emotionless Dark Magical Girl finally begins to defrost, shielding those innocent infants.

PreCures use the opportunity to finish off the theender, making the place safe for the children again.

That pretty much brings this episode to an end, and it was a fun one. Seeing the competitive relationship unfold between Saaya and Lulu was enjoyable. I really like these episodes that have been focusing on Lulu so far – I’m fairly certain it is pretty obvious what the future has in store for her at this point, and that is something I welcome warmly.

Whoa whoa whoa... you blew my mind once more, Lulu mon amour!
When Mrs. Nono told her to drag Hana out of bed... I totally identified. Not only because of Lulu's prowess when it comes to literature, and her lack of social skills, but also 'cause we are both equally gullible and literal-minded! I know this book called Amelia Bedelia in which the masters leave the mansion and give a list of tasks to the titular maid. "Draw the curtains?" She doodles with permanent felt-tip all over all those curtains! "Dress the turkey?" She dithers for a while whether to put a sailor suit or a little gown on the whole raw fowl, not knowing whether it's a boy or a girl turkey. And so on. It's HILARIOUS. Sometimes, I have made mishaps in that style, which have been either equally outrageous or a little less...
And all those origami cranes she folded... OMFG. I may be an Ace when it comes to literature, but I can only fold Santas (as Christmas decor), jumping frogs, boats, bicorn hats, planes, paper fortune-tellers, and it was a decade or so since I made my last kabuto (samurai helmet), which can be folded into a koi fish if you cut it at the back, so I might have forgotten how to do. I have tried cranes, indeed, but always screwed them up. Hats off for Lulu Amour and her precise abilities!
I may be not good with complex origami, but now I see why our Dark Magical Girl is so smart when it comes not only to literature, but also to childcare; she has something in common with both Yours Truly and Klaus Baudelaire; eidetic memory. That explains a lot on why the three of us are so bright (ps. I've got this AU for the shared universe theory of French Romantic prose, with allomancy -so far- thrown into the mix, and Combeferre has this same ability, but with a supernatural touch, maybe like Lulu... like other Friends at the Café, he was unaware of his powers as an archivist and thought he was a normal muggle with an exceptional skill -btw, Enjolras is a rioter, Grantaire is a soother, and Courfeyrac is so far the token muggle with no supernatural powers, but he has the social standing, the connections, the physical prowess as a bâtonniste (even improv-ing with an umbrella when he's forgotten the bâton), the savoir-faire, and chessmaster skills; think Batman or Tomoyo Daidoji-. We'll see how Marius factors into this; he may be a mistborn or another muggle, but the kid next door to contrast with his senpai Courf...
PS. On Marius Pontmercy in this allomancy/Final Solution AU:
Liz-senpai actually suggested he would be a mistborn and... that's pretty rad, the backstory for Marius in this AU actually writes itself from there! He got the powers from his papa, and that also explains, in this 'verse, why Colonel Pontmercy got snubbed by old Baron Gillenormand and had to elope to marry for love: not only due to the officer being a liberal in love with a far-rightist's daughter, but also because he was a persecuted mistborn -during both the Terror and Thermidor, mistborns were scapegoated by both governments-. So Marius is raised just like in canon by his maternal family, not told about his heritage (Col. Pontmercy presumed dead at Waterloo and all that) until he researches himself, and totally unaware of his powers (reserved and shy, your average guy, a freshly emancipated bohemian Law student and translator who thinks he's as interesting as plain vanilla ice) until his late teens/twenties, when he snaps by his papa's deathbed.
PS. On Cosette in this same AU:
Turns out I included also the magic system of the Riordanverse a little... ;) In this continuity, "Felix Tholomyès" was a mortal persona or alias used by Frey during a Restoration-era Parisian stint, making Cosette a demigoddess with abilities over healing, climate, temperature insensibility, disarmament (think expelliarmus) and appeasing others (unlike soothing, this would involve mind control to some degree), and alf-seidr, that surface during puberty.
There will also be some kind of sequel about the Valhalla/Folkvanger afterlife of the Friends sans Marius and plus the Thénardier siblings. Madame Defarge (Mme. Thénardier's mum) plays a major role in this sequel and Éponine's afterlife character arc... not to mention Loki, who is also Gwenplaine/L'homme qui rit in this continuity, and who impersonates Enjolras for some time... ie the story features a love affair between the Man who Quaffs and the Man who Laughs ;)

Moving back to our episode. Everyone raise a glass and drain it to the last drop! Hats off for Lulu Amour and her precise abilities!

Episode 14 of Hugtto! PreCure sees the girls try their hand at being daycare workers for their ongoing work experience project. This time, Lulu joins them, and that brings out a side of Saaya that hasn’t really been seen before. A really fierce side...
I enjoyed it all since the focus is about Saaya and Lulu which I am glad! We also get to see that Saaya has a competitive side since she spent the time to study the childcare guide and was about to show off her knowledge. Instead, Lulu who memorized all the details in a matter of minutes, by heart, was more capable than her. (Although Lulu still lacks the human touch in taking care of children) 

Saya was definitely not accepting defeat and started challenging Lulu in various activities. However it backfired. Luckily Homare advised Saaya to take it easy and not let it affect their work.
During the battle, Lulu stepped behind to observe the battle however when the theender was about to attack the children, she suddenly rushed to protect them which showed that she has started to gain emotions to help others which I like it. But Papple who was also watching Lulu was disappointed about her actions and might suggest that Lulu could be a liability in later episodes.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Competitive Saaya is that thing I didn’t know I needed until now. She is so adorable when she pouts and is on the losing end of the fight. She hasn’t shown much of it because of as Homare explained, no one has been able to beat her until now. Lulu’s inhuman strength and precise abilities gives her an edge that gives Saaya a run for her money. That being said, I really hope we get to see more of this side of her in the future, it’s so much fun to watch, especially her competitive dynamics with Lulu.
Lulu was throughly entertaining from start to finish. From her displeased expression when Hugtan interrupted her “consuming information process” so she could flip the pages on her own, to launching Harry up in the air after he wanted to be swung around like a baby (dude you’re too old for that). Lulu’ s interactions with the children was also amusing, especially considering she didn’t understand what “cute” actually is, but subconsciously experienced the feeling. Holding Hugtan in particular definitely draws something out of her, since the baby is full of magical power– she alone was enough calm the rest of the wailing babies.
I believe it’s just a matter of time now before the enemy picks up on Hugtan being the source of power they are looking for. The girls were on the losing end when Lulu successfully identifies children serve as an excellent distraction, making it difficult or the girls to focus on battle when they need to take care of both. Papple was there, waiting in the wings, to observe as well to see how Lulu was faring, so she too was there to indirectly witness Hugtan’s power. Although Lulu used the children as hostage of a sorts, there was a part of her that didn’t want to bring harm to them as well, and put returned her disguise to protect the children. This is actually helps cover up anything suspicions that she’s the enemy in the future, since she can be referenced to having thrown herself in between the babies and the monster.


Next time, Lulu makes a new friend. Nakama or tomodachi, moirail or maybe something more? The Good Ship Emilu begins to raise anchors...

Emiri Aizaki the rockstar

Next episode, Lulu went out on an errand and met Emiru for the first time. However Emiru is now crazy about the Precures and wanted to become one herself! So what fate has in store for these two girls?
Next week, Emiru is back. She will be spending time with Lulu while she goes out on a shopping trip. Honestly, I hope this episode gives us some sort of indication of what Emiru’s precise role will be in the series, especially since she is not part of the group yet. Truth to be told, I am not sure if I would feel about her being a new member of the group, mainly because her first appearance didn’t leave a positive impression on me. Who knows, we will have to wait and see how it turns out.

How will Charalit react if he ever finds out?
And which role will the Octopark play in all this naval war?
Next week we shall discover what the script that's written has in store...

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