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Hugtto! Pretty Cure
Episode 4 - My Own Review


 HARRY: Hair styling! Makeup! Fashion! And more!

Later on, she and Saaya spot our blonde ignoring a teacher. Turns out that they aren’t the only ones spying on her.

 As far as these two are concerned, Homare is bad news

Seems like there are rumours about Homare being involved with bad crowds going around the school...

Homare was almost run over trying to save Snowy/Milou as time froze...

 The two girls and Harry with Hug-tan saw Homare coming out of a pet shop/clinic with a white terrier. She explained she saved the stray dog from being run over by a truck and she swore she could hear a baby's cries (Which is Hug-tan) as time stopped when it happened. Hana and Saaya realised that Homare might be the next Precure. 

 Moving on, some tween kids are bullying others, younger and weaker, over the use of a nearby basketball court.
Being on the basketball court, it naturally comes down to a game of basketball to see who gets to use it. Fortunately, Homare is willing to take them on.

A trio of older kids were hogging the basketball court. Homare challenged the trio to a game of basketball. She was doing well but when she wanted to jump, she started seeing an old trauma and refused to score. The trio of older kids then recognized Homare as a well known ice skater and ran off.

   It seems like Homare is going to score, but she ends up recalling the nasty fall she had back when she was an figure skater.

 Her injured leg still hurt during the match.
Saaya knows that it's not as much her leg as her emotional state (psychosomatic, phantom pain)...

 Still, Homare’s team are able to win.
After the match, the bullies realise that Homare was a figure skating prodigy. They quickly leave after that.
With the day coming to an end, Homare departs.

"Tragic Fall - Leg Injury Means Long Recovery." 

 Saaya used the Future Pad and found out that Homare had an accident during her performance and stopped skating.

COACH UMEHASHI: Kagayaki... the first day I saw you skate, it was moving. Like you were sent to the heavens to lift our spirits. Homare Kagayaki... you are a star. Please... for once... let's try again!

 HOMARE: Stop. It's better this way.
HOMARE: Thanks. But sorry, Coach.

HOMARE: Just... let it go...
(She can't hold it back anymore; neither can her mentor)

Moving on, Homare is out for a walk when she bumps into her coach. Coach Umehashi is unable to convince her to go back to figure skating, depressed about not being able to convince Homare to come back, and this causes negative feelings to well up within him.
How useless I am...
He then becomes Charalit’s next target.

  Homare then saw her former coach who wanted her back in the team but she ignored him. Suddenly Charalit appeared and turned Homare's coach into a theender (I SAW IT COMING, I SAW IT COMING...), who is more powerful than his predecessors due to Lulu giving new battle data to Charalit.


The Cures, though overwhelmed, refuse to give up, and this ignites something within Homare. A new Future Crystal appears, and Homare runs towards it.

 Homare wished she could be like the Precures and her heart awakened her Future Crystal. Harry told her to get it. (The Crystal was hanging in the air) 

But as Homare jumped up to get it, that trauma of her accident returned and she fell to the ground in tears and her Crystal also vanished...

However, Homare’s fall still haunts her and she is unable to reach it. She takes a tumble down the slope, and the Future Crystal disappears for now.
Homare is left crying on the ground, and the coach’s feelings end up projected through the theender. However, Charalit gets the theender back on track, but the Cures are ready for it.

 THEENDER (sobbing, to Homare): Making you cry again... What kind of useless teacher am I?!
CHARALIT: Get 'em, tiger! Stop blubbering, you loser!

Cure Yell goes on to deliver an epic beatdown to the theender, all whilst telling Homare that she shouldn’t give up. The theender is defeated in the usual manner, and everyone goes back to normal afterwards.
Hana cheers for Homare again, but it’s no use. As Homare departs, all that Hana can say is “see you tomorrow”.
This is where the episode ends.

 After Charalit retreated, Homare thanked the girls for saving her coach but her spirit was down after she failed to get her Crystal.
Turning her back on her would-be companions, all she could say was "See you tomorrow.."

As an aside, there are a few similarities between Homare and Go! Princess PreCure‘s Kirara Amanogawa – though I think I’ll wait until next week to talk a little more about them.
Amazing episode, and I’m not even disappointed that we only got a tease of the new member of the team. We’ll have to wait until the next episode to see what is in store for Homare’s future. 
Let's start with Homare who is definitely suffering from a dramatic setback after her performance ended in an accident. The trauma was so bad that she "retired" from skating. Of course, her classmates (minus Hana and Saaya) were prejudiced of Homare as they thought she has become a delinquent. But in truth, Homare really need to make the first step in overcoming her trauma which we will see that in the next episode.

I am scared stiff of falling from heights myself.
And now our Étoile Filante got to make my top Cure list...
On the love front, the Good Ship Charalu is still sailing the doldrums of her friendzone.

This episode is a warm-up to the next episode, since the preview showed Homare finally overcoming her trauma and becoming Cure Étoile. Not much to say for this episode so until then, see you in the next post!

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